Research Conference: Coordinators Online Guide

Notice: This is a private page for coordinators to review LANS logistics and information.  
Please bookmark this page for future reference.


Below are answers to questions that are related to the LANS Research Conference.  Should you have remaining questions, you may contact Maria DoVale directly by email, or complete the form below.

Click the links below to review information about:

  1. Instructions on how to register for LANS
  2. How to Approve Student Presentation Title Submission
  3. Parking at LANS
  4. Preliminary At A Glance Schedule
  5. LANS Research Conference Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Dates, Location & Fees
  7. Code of Conduct & Dress Code 
  8. Billing & Reimbursement
  9. Hotel, Travel & Parking Information
  10. Student Presentations
  11. Recruiting Fair
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