Research Conference: Billing & Reimbursement

Billing Procedures & Payment Process Options:

The Leadership Alliance Executive Office will send coordinators a worksheet by August 3 listing SR-EIP designated undergraduates and other approved participants for LANS.  Coordinators will provide remaining participants and calculate registration fees and provide contact information for billing. This document should be returned to the Executive Office to the attention of Maria DoVale ( by August 28. Invoices for participant registration fees will be sent to the designated billing contacts at Alliance institutions with payment in full due by September 30. You are able to pay registration fees online by credit card the same way you are able to pay Alliance membership fees.  You may contact Maria DoVale if you wish to pay online and she will provide the web link and reference number to complete your payment process.  Click here for instructions.  Otherwise, you may continue to pay by check through your accounting department.


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