Parking at LANS

For attendees who will be staying at the Marriott or Hilton and prefer to have their parking direct billed to the Leadership Alliance master account should valet their cars.

For anyone who is self-parking for the day, please make sure you keep your parking receipt.  You may submit this receipt to the Executive Office for reimbursement.

More on the reimbursement policy can be found here.

Reimbursement Policy

Individual Travelers

After LANS concludes, individual travelers must email scanned PDF copies of their travel receipts to at the Executive Office no later than September 28, 2018, to ensure payment.  

Summer Research Cohort 

Reimbursement requests for summer research cohort travel should be submitted on institutional letterhead along with appropriate documentation of expenses. 

Policy Set by Brown

Before reimbursements may be processed, the accounting department at Brown University requires everyone to complete a supplier/vendor form via this secure link

Expenses covered by the Leadership Alliance:

  • Ground transportation to/from event, airport, or train station
  • Airfare or train fare
  • Luggage fees
  • Mileage (personal car use only) or rental car rate and gas
  • Parking fees
  • Hotel accommodations

Expenses not covered by the Leadership Alliance:

  • If you will not be departing from and returning to the same location, please contact Maria DoVale at before booking your travel and provide a sample itinerary showing the fare for a round-trip ticket from and returning to the same destination.  The Leadership Alliance will reimburse the cost of the round-trip ticket or the cost of the less expensive itinerary.
  • The Alliance is unable to reimburse expenses without a receipt. Credit card statements may not be submitted in lieu of lost receipts.
  • If you are requesting reimbursement for personal car mileage, please provide a Google or Mapquest map showing your point of origin, destination, and miles traveled.
  • Additional meals that are not provided during the event
  • Trip insurance fees
  • Seat upgrades or early boarding fees
  • Incidental purchases at the hotel


Please contact Maria DoVale with any questions.